Additional Services

Releasing of Doves

The releasing of a Dove as part of a Funeral Service is a unique and symbolic way of commemorating the life of a loved one. The departure of the Dove out of the hands of a loved one can have many positive effects on the mourning process and is a beautiful and touching way of saying farewell.

Horse-Drawn Hearse

A Horse-Drawn Hearse leading the Funeral Cortege is a stunning sight and provides a special goodbye to a loved one, especially if they had a love for horses. We can provide pairs of blacks or whites with matching coloured carriage. This option is certainly worthy of consideration.

Specialist Vehicles

A white hearse, a pink hearse, or a motor-bike with side-car are just a few of the many specialist vehicles that are available to those requiring a non-traditional hearse to lead the funeral cortege. We are happy to help you consider the various specialty options which maybe an inspired choice depending on the deceaseds interests.

Disposal of Ashes

When arranging a funeral at a crematorium we will always ask the family about the disposal of their loved ones ashes. On many occasions the family of the deceased have not had time to think about the various options and so we are always happy to collect the ashes from the crematorium and store them in our safe-keeping whilst the next-of┬Čkin considers the options available to them.

The ashes may be scattered at the gardens of the Crematorium, they may be scattered by the family of the deceased at a place of special significance. Alternatively a grave for their burial may be acquired, or they could simply be kept a home. There are many choices and sometimes the best time to decide is not until after the funeral.

Legal Services

When a loved one dies there are, in addition to the funeral, other important considerations regarding the deceaseds estate which will need to be addressed, and possibly require the help of a Solicitor specialising in Wills and Probate.

To help families who require the assistance of a Solicitor, we have arranged with a local solicitor, an initial free consultation which will help provide the clarification a family may need concerning Wills, Probate, and if the person has died without a Will, Intestacy.

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